Daroga Power have leveraged its deep experience in complex real estate finance to quickly develop and close on multimillion-dollar funds that include creative terms for sponsor capital, debt and tax equity.

Because of the company’s highly disciplined approach to the development and operations of distributed energy systems, Daroga Power’s DG portfolios boast stable, long-term cash flows, low volatility, and diversification of risk that exceed industry standards.

Daroga works closely with investors to define the terms that are right for their investment goals – and in the process educates them on how Daroga’s specialization in generation technologies, including community solar and fuel cells, deliver strong, safe returns.


Closed: December 2020
Portfolio Value: $103,000,000

  • 12,000 kW of Bloom fuel cell assets located throughout the New York City in the Consolidated Edison network;
  • Secured the Value of Distributed Energy Resource (VDER) Tariff for 25 years with Consolidated Edison;
  • Annual energy production of 96,000,000 kWh, allocated to 12,000 Consolidated Edison customers via the goCDG platform.


Closed: June 2021
Portfolio Value: $230,000,000

  • 32,850KW of Bloom fuel cell assets located throughout; New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut & California
  • C&I off-takers, Fortune 500
  • Secured under a 15-20 year Energy Service Agreement (ESA)